Why Does Our Face Age and What Can We Do About It?

Dr Marcus Mehta, aesthetics expert and STORY co-founder, is based at our Southwell location. Here he explains facial ageing, from why does our face age, to how we can proactively manage visible signs of the ageing process. 

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My injecting work focuses around gently restoring what we have lost – often fat pad and bone loss – to create a natural look of wellness, not obvious filler!

So what do we lose and what can we restore..? 

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Why does our face age?

A lot of changes happen over the years to our bone, fat and skin. We lose collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid from our skin – around 80 per cent being UV radiation from the sun. This is why a good quality high protection SPF (ideally SPF 50, or at least 30) applied in the correct amounts every day, all year round, is the best anti-ageing solution you can use!

Over time it is natural for our bones to gradually wear down and the substances that make up and support the structure of our face – such as fat and collagen – disappear or start to head south. This results in the classic signs of ageing.

… Hollowing.

… Drooping or sagging.

… Fine lines and wrinkles.

… Facial folds appearing or deepening.

… Thinner lips.

Interestingly, some of our fat pads shrink in the face and the deep ones fade away, contributing to the surface changes that most people associate with a look of not just ageing but of tiredness. This includes nose to mouth lines – also known as nasolabial folds, a downturning of the mouth and loss of jawline definition, or the start of jowls.

You can see all of these tell-tale signs in my predicted ageing illustration…

Predicted Facial Ageing STORY clinics Dr Marcus Mehta Anti-Ageing Injectables Southwell Marylebone

Facial rejuvenation treatments

Facial rejuvenation treatments are injectables used to restore volume loss and replace structural support for a fresher look.

These generally involve the use of dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections or a combination of both.

STORY doctors all take a bespoke approach to treating each individual face. We focus on every individual’s unique concerns and devise a treatment plan specifically tailored to their own appearance and goals.

Whether you opt to treat one or multiple areas, facial rejuvenation treatments are a simple and effective way to manage the signs of ageing.

Thanks to our medical backgrounds and significant experience in creating artistic aesthetic outcomes for people of varying ages, skin tones and genders, STORY doctors are well-placed to deliver fantastic, natural-looking results.

Here is a selection of examples of how STORY tackles some of the most common signs of ageing…

… Under eye hollowing is addressed using tear trough filler to revolumise the area.

… Drooping or sagging can be corrected using premium quality dermal filler administered to the areas in question, for example jawline filler (to revise jowls) or cheek fillers to replace lost volume, providing a more defined facial contour and structural support.

… Fine lines and wrinkles can be smoothed by using an anti-wrinkle treatment to relax these muscles. You can retain as much movement as you require; as with all our treatments, it is personalised to your requirements. You may like the “frozen” look, or you may wish to retain enough movement to ensure your facial expressions are only slightly limited.

… Facial folds appearing or deepening are treated with an appropriate premium filler product carefully placed in the nasolabial folds (nose to mouth lines) or marionette lines (corners of the mouth to chin lines), to minimise their look for a more youthful appearance.

… Thin lips can be easily and subtly rejuvenated with small amounts of lip filler placed carefully to give a natural, more youthful result.

Furthermore, where you have a number of concerns that you wish to treat, these can be tackled holistically if you opt for our signature STORY Liquid Facelift. 

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These are just a small fraction of the options available and areas we treat. As we keep saying, everyone is unique so our treatment options are too. 

Find out which anti-ageing solutions are best suited to you; book a free consultation and facial assessment at your nearest STORY location. 

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