What Does Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Do?

Anti-wrinkle treatment, wrinkle relaxing, wrinkle reduction or maybe the popular brand name (B****) which we’re not allowed to mention due to UK regulation… Whatever you call it, Dr Kalpna Pindolia of STORY Marylebone, is here to explain everything you need to know about it.

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What are anti-wrinkle treatments and what do they do?

Wrinkle reduction treatments generally refer to the management of fine lines and wrinkles, particularly in the upper face. The three areas commonly treated here are the frown, the forehead and the crow’s feet. 

These treatments are associated with a full consultation to make sure that the treatment is safe and is going to be effective for you. It involves the use of a purified protein which interrupts the signal between the muscle and the nerve which makes the muscle usually move. By using this protein we can soften the signal between the nerve and the muscle, so that when we make our movements, the lines aren’t so obvious in the treated area.

When we frown we use a lot of muscles and this lowers our eyebrows. What happens when we use anti-wrinkle treatments is that, when you try to frown, this isn’t going to be so obvious. This gives you a lifted, open eye area. 

Reducing the muscle strength here also reduces the furrows or angry frown lines also known as “number 11s”. These are created over a long period of time by making this muscle action repeatedly. This treatment is much safer than filler in this region.

In the forehead region, when you raise your eyebrows it creates certain lines and creases. Some people may not like these lines, which may become a little more permanent as we get older. 

In the crow’s feet area, smile lines around the eye are a common indicator of a life of smiles! When these become more deeply etched, this treatment can soften these.

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Do they hurt?

Everyone’s pain threshold is different, however, our technique paired with the incredibly fine needles we use – known as Invisible Needles – maximises your comfort. Clients who do feel these injections describe them as, at most, a “mild discomfort”. This is over very quickly as anti-wrinkle injections only take one or two minutes to administer!

How long does anti-wrinkle treatment take to work?

Your anti-wrinkle treatment takes a couple of days to start working and is at maximal effect at 14 days. 

Most patients will enjoy the benefits of their treatment results for about 3 months. Some maybe a little less, some a little more. It’s worth noting that the results wear off gradually so you – and other people – won’t notice any sudden change when it’s time to top-up!

Will anti-wrinkle treatments make me look surprised or give me a frozen face?

This treatment can help to make you appear more awake and refreshed. However, it doesn’t mean you have to have a “surprised” look – something that is frequently incorrectly associated with these types of injectables. 

The dosage of your wrinkle relaxer is tailored to your specific needs and how much movement you want to retain. Some people may enjoy a “frozen” look whilst others wish to have more delicate treatments that retain some movement in their forehead. This is where “Baby B***x” comes in. This is the same treatment but used in a lower dose for subtle results.

The approach STORY doctors take is personalised to your individual preference.

Creating a tailored treatment plan that meets your goals is one of the reasons a consultation is so important prior to any injectables. 

The aim of a consultation, first of all, is to discuss your ideas, concerns and expectations. We’ll also examine your face – rested and as it moves. We can then discuss the most appropriate options for you, in terms of treatments, for you to be able to achieve your goals.

It’s worth noting that, at STORY, there’s never any pressure to actually have treatment on the day of your consultation. You can take away all the information that you’ve gathered and have a real think about it.

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How do you avoid eyebrows drooping after treatment?

Wrinkle-relaxing treatments targeting certain areas of the forehead can reduce lines but can also bring the eyebrows down… 

When the muscle that raises your eyebrows works normally, the muscle goes up. When we use this treatment, it’s going to impede this elevating effect. We consider the risks and benefits to treat this area safely but – as specialists – we will always take a very balanced approach. This is just because we don’t want any drooping or lowering in this area which can make your eyes look a bit more tired. 

All STORY doctors are not only trained to the highest standard in UK aesthetic medicine, we are known to be experts in our field. We all work full time in aesthetics, also training doctors, dentists and nurses at the UK’s largest aesthetic medicine academy in how to be a safe and effective cosmetic injectors. Our experience, in-depth knowledge of anatomy and precise injecting techniques mean you’re less likely to experience these types of issues. 

Who is wrinkle relaxer suitable for?

If you’re concerned about furrows in your frown, forehead lines or crow’s feet lines, wrinkle relaxing can be a really effective treatment for you. In cases where an alternative approach is advised, we can recommend other treatments to help with lines and wrinkles. Suggestions can include skin peels, microneedling or skinboosters. 

Anti-wrinkle treatments are great for men – aka Brotox – and women, we just have a different approach to treating masculine and feminine features. For example, retaining the arch of the eyebrow for women, with flatter brows more suitable for a more masculine outcome.

What you can be certain of is that, at your consultation, you’ll be able to discuss all your ideas, expectations and concerns about potential treatments. So, after this period of getting to know you and also examining your face, we’ll be able to discuss your potential options. 

When you come in for your consultation there is no obligation to have treatment that day. You can go away and consider all the information you’ve received before making an informed decision.

You’re an individual, you’ve got your own story – come talk to us about it…

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