STORY Signature Facial

1 - 6
0 Days
From 175
Course of 3 450
Course of 6 750
Fine lines
Looking younger or healthier
Maintaining youthful skin
An immediate skin glow
STORY Signature Treatment

The STORY Signature Facial is a bespoke treatment that combines the best of everything. We asked ourselves what the ideal skin treatment would be for maintenance and rejuvenation, that would have a preventative and a treatment effect, and no downtime; and then we created it. 

This facial is a combination of lymphatic drainage, dermaplaning, HydraFacial®, LED and a clever skin peel (that doesn’t cause visible peeling). The peel ingredients and strength are up to you and your practitioner – if you want a more intense treatment, a peel that does result in a couple of days downtime can be used. 

Just a single STORY Signature Facial gives a beautiful glow and plumping to the skin, while a course of treatments will improve elasticity, skin texture and hydration, reduce fine lines and pigmentation.

Our Expertise

We love combination skin treatments at STORY because, when carefully selected, two or more treatments combined can produce results that add up to more than the sum of their parts. The intensity and relative duration of each component of this treatment will be adapted to suit your skin. Come and talk to one of our team about how this bespoke facial could work for you.


Below are some of the frequently asked questions people ask regarding this treatment.
If you can’t find the answer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and one of our advisors can help.

Yes, you will benefit from a single STORY Signature Facial; your skin will be smoother, plumper, glowing, exfoliated and deeply moisturised. However the collagen stimulating effects that reduce fine lines will require a course of treatments as will reducing or removing significant pigmentation.

The STORY Signature Facial doesn’t break the skin barrier so you can wear makeup on the same day as your treatment. We recommend that it is applied at least a few hours after your treatment with clean hands or newly cleaned makeup applicators. This will reduce the risk of irritation or infection.

Yes, this facial is bespoke –  if one element is not required then you have the option to have a more intense and prolonged version of one of the other elements during the 75 minutes of treatment.

This facial is not painful or uncomfortable but it is intense. You will feel a tingling on your skin during the treatment. Let us know what your favourite music is and we will put it on for you so you can drift away…

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