Skin Boosters

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3 - 9 Months
Eye area lines
Fine lines
Lines on my neck / chest
An immediate skin glow
Frown lines / forehead lines
Looking younger or healthier

Skin boosters are injectable treatments designed for deep skin hydration and plumping of the skin on the face, neck and chest. They can be considered a hybrid of mesotherapy and filler – giving you the all-over glow and hydration of mesotherapy, but also the fine line reduction and long-lasting results of fillers.

Skin boosters are made of hyaluronic acid, the skin’s natural moisturiser, which is applied in multiple microinjections. A benefit is that the treatment is not uncomfortable as the products themselves contain an anaesthetic, and we also prepare the skin with a numbing lotion.

Our Expertise

There is no single skin booster that is ideal for everyone, so we select the best one for your skin type and area of treatment from a range of products, that include Juvederm® Volite, Teosyal® Beauty Booster (Teoxane) and Profhilo®.

Skin booster treatments can be used on the full face, neck or chest as an injectable hydrating and anti-ageing treatment, or to target specific fine lines such as vertical cheek lines, ‘smokers lines’ or ‘necklace lines’ around the neck.


Below are some of the frequently asked questions people ask regarding this treatment.
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Your practitioner will be able to advise you on the best treatment for you. Generally speaking if you want to change the shape of your face or a facial feature then you will need filler, if you want to change the quality and surface texture of your skin then you may benefit from skin  boosters.

You will be able to feel small lumps in your skin for up to 24 hours after treatment, however they usually settle within a few hours.  It is possible to get small bruises from this treatment but in the majority of treatments there is no bruising at all.

Good home products are important for maintaining your skin health but they will not be able to penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin in the way that an injectable skin booster can. Your skin’s primary natural function is to be a barrier that protects you against the environment; overcoming this barrier is the reason why home products have their limitations.

This will depend on which brand of skin booster we think will most suit you. Generally speaking 2 treatments are required, 4 weeks apart.

In the majority of cases only a few hours downtime is required. However, occasionally there can be small bruises or areas where the product takes a little longer to settle.

You don’t normally notice a difference immediately with this treatment. Results will appear gradually over the 4 weeks following treatment.

Skin boosters work by directly placing (injecting) hyaluronic acid and other key skin boosting ingredients into the deep layers of the skin. This thickens the skin, stimulates renewal of collagen, and nourishes it more effectively than you can by applying products on top of the skin (eg a mask).

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