Profhilo ®

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Fine lines
Looking younger or healthier
Lines on my neck / chest
Sagging skin / jowls
Eye area lines
Dehydrated or dull skin
STORY Signature Treatment

Profhilo ® is a unique injectable skin treatment designed to hydrate, tighten and rejuvenate the skin in the face, neck, chest or hands. It’s similar to dermal fillers, in that it is made from hyaluronic acid, however it functions very differently. Whereas fillers have a jelly-like consistency, Profhilo is more like honey. It doesn’t change the shape of your face but spreads evenly through the skin hydrating and remodelling it from within. This is why the treatment is often referred to as an ‘injectable moisturiser’.

Profhilo ® is a two step treatment, with the second treatment performed 4 weeks after the first. The second step is essential to gain longer term results from the increased collagen and elastin production which improves skin laxity.

The treatment itself involves a few small strategically placed skin injections that only take 5 minutes. With no down-time needed, you can go straight back to your usual activities and can expect more hydrated, tighter, glowing skin within a few weeks of your treatment.

Our Expertise

We love hyaluronic acid and use it in many of our injectable treatments and our skincare. But what is it? Hyaluronic acid is a sponge-like substance that is found naturally in our bodies, most notably in our skin. It functions differently at different layers; in the upper layer of the skin it hydrates and under the skin it can provide scaffold-like structural support, while in the deep layer of the skin (the dermis) it can do both as well as boost the skins’ natural healing process. That’s why we love Profhilo and Skin Boosters – hyaluronic acid gels designed to rejuvenate the dermis.

This ‘layer dependent’ action means that the thickness of your skin and the degree of laxity present are important to determine how well this treatment will work for you. At STORY, our doctors carefully examine your skin before treatment and will then recommend the best hyaluronic acid injectable product for your skin type and skin concern.


Below are some of the frequently asked questions people ask regarding this treatment.
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They are very similar treatments. However, Profhilo allows a larger area (full face or neck) to be treated with only a few injections whereas skinboosters are often used to target specific fine lines. Profhilo also does more than hydrate and thicken the skin; it contributes to skin remodelling with new collagen and elastin production.

You can get this treatment at any age – it is the ultimate luxury preventative treatment. Many of our practitioners love having this treatment themselves and have done since their early thirties! However, you will notice more of a difference in your skin if you have some skin laxity present.

You are unlikely to be able to have other injectable treatments done on the same day unless it is a different treatment area (e.g. the neck) but you can have other injectable treatments 2 weeks before or after Profhilo.

You will notice a difference in your skin from a few days after the first treatment, however the full results are apparent 4 weeks after the second treatment.

Profhilo is excellent at improving skin quality and reducing fine lines around the eyes, cheeks and lower face. The areas where it is not safe to use is the forehead and frown so it is not an alternative to wrinkle reduction treatment in these areas.

Absolutely. This is an excellent treatment for the neck and chest where skincare is often neglected and where there is often significant sun damage.

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