Nlift Non Surgical Facelift

1 treatment involves 2 sessions; a maintenance treatment is advised 4-6 months later.
Minimal to none
From 1,500
6-12 months
Fine lines and skin laxity
Looking younger or healthier
Cheek lifting
Sagging skin / jowls
Jawline definition
Nose to mouth lines
Maintaining youthful skin

STORY Clinics is proud to be the first aesthetics clinic in the UK to offer the Nlift Non Surgical Facelift.

The Nlift lifts and tightens the skin on the cheeks and jawline for a healthy, youthful and always natural aesthetic result. It also stimulates collagen and elastin production for tighter, plumper skin

What does the Nlift do?

This advanced two-part facial rejuvenation treatment from Neauvia combines next generation fillers with specially designed Zaffiro infrared laser technology.

The Nlift is the only treatment that allows you to experience fillers containing both hyaluronic acid and collagen-stimulating ingredients, and a skin tightening laser treatment on the same day. And all with little-to-no downtime! The bespoke Zaffiro infrared laser not only complements and enhances the result of the injectables, it also reduces any associated swelling and recovery time.

This revolutionary powerhouse pairing offers a modern approach to positive ageing, with amplified rejuvenating results that last up to 12 months.

You’ll notice lifted, revitalised results after completing the second of your two treatment sessions. You’ll then see your results continue to improve over the next 9 months or so.

Who is the Nlift suitable for?

Our Nlift Non Surgical Facelift is suitable for all skin types and skin tones. Whilst it’s suitable for adults of all ages, the best results can generally be seen on those aged between 40 and 60, with thinner skin and early-to-moderate signs of ageing.

The Nlift is the treatment for you if you’re looking for effective, non-surgical ways to…

… Address key signs of ageing in the midface and lower face

… Tighten skin laxity and achieve more youthful skin

… Reduce nasolabial folds (nose to mouth lines) and lines on the cheeks

… Provide a lifting effect that tackles jowls, cheek sagging and loss of jawline definition

… Stimulate your body’s natural collagen and elastin production

… Refresh your appearance with long-lasting results that improve over time.

This treatment is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding. Your STORY doctor will guide you as to your suitability during the consultation which is required before any Nlift Non Surgical Facelift.

What happens during an Nlift treatment?

The Nlift Non Surgical Facelift is a two-part treatment; designed to be carried out with approximately 1 week between your first and second treatment session.

Part 1 consists of a hyaluronic acid and amino acid skin booster solution which we apply to the skin using either our plasma shower ‘No-Needle’ technology or multiple small injections.  This is a quick treatment which deeply hydrates the skin and prepares it for the second stage of your treatment session. There is no or minimal recovery time and your skin will feel hydrated as soon as the next day. 

Part 2 of the Nlift is a longer treatment. A specialist STORY doctor will first apply anaesthetic for your comfort. This will be followed by administering novel Neauvia injectable fillers in strategic spots to lift the cheeks and jawline. We’ll then treat the skin with a ‘water peel’ which exfoliates and further hydrates the skin’s surface. Finally we’ll apply the skin tightening Zaffiro infrared laser which works both immediately and in the longer term through collagen generation.

During the laser treatment you’ll feel both cooling and warming sensations, however, the Nlift is not a painful treatment. You get a satisfying feeling of this high performance, advanced rejuvenating technology treatment working!

We recommend having a maintenance treatment around 4 to 6 months after you complete the second session of your Nlift treatment. This can be booked and purchased separately, or as part of a complete Nlift treatment package which also includes a selection of full sized skincare products.

Our Expertise

STORY doctors worked closely with Neauvia, the innovative Italian aesthetics brand behind the Nlift treatment, to bring this to the UK. They spent over 12 months exploring the brand and its technology. This included training in Milan, getting to know the products, procedures and devices, as well as understanding how it can be used to get the best facial rejuvenation results. 

In addition to being highly experienced aesthetic medicine experts and respected industry educators in injectables, our co-founders are now recognised Neauvia specialists. They brought the Nlift Non Surgical Facelift to the UK to continue their pioneering approach to safe and effective aesthetic treatments. 

STORY clinics champions both patient safety and the best aesthetics treatments for efficient, proportionate and natural-looking results. They ensure your concerns are addressed, your goals are achieved and your results don’t distract from or mask your unique character and charm. The Nlift fits nicely with the STORY approach and we can’t wait for you to try it!


Below are some of the frequently asked questions people ask regarding this treatment.
If you can’t find the answer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and one of our advisors can help.

The NLift treatment is ideally suited to those with thinner skin that has some early-to-moderate signs of ageing. Those aged 40-60 are likely to see the best results.

That said, the NLift is suitable for all ages*, genders, skin types and skin tones but is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding. If you have severe active rosacea or active acne an extra cautious approach may be required. STORY doctors will be able to talk you through this and properly assess your suitability during your consultation. A consultation is required for all clients before this treatment can be performed.

*At STORY we treat patients aged 18 years and over.

Your NLift treatment is best started 4 weeks before a big event, as this is when your results will reach their peak. If your occasion is two or three weeks away, come and see us for a consultation and we’ll let you know your options.

If you’re looking for quick, party-ready glowing skin, or want to see results more quickly due to a short notice appearance or special occasion, we recommend considering Profhilo. This is available from our STORY doctors at both clinic locations in London and Nottingham. If you are based in London, you may also wish to consider No Needle Profhilo which is offered at STORY Marylebone.


Yes. The NLift is suitable for all skin tones, working effectively on all shades from pale to dark Black skin.

No. This treatment is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding.

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