Neck Tightening

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Lines on my neck / chest

As we age the neck can sag and become wrinkled and visible vertical bands and horizontal lines can form showing your age more than your face does. A range of non-surgical injectable treatments can lift and tighten the neck and we find that a combination of treatments usually works best.

Our Neck-Tight treatment uses both wrinkle reduction injections and Radiesse®. The treatment relaxes the platysmal bands (vertical lines) on the neck and improves the definition of the jawline whilst Radiesse® can significantly improve the overlying skin tightness and quality. This is a two-step treatment with only a few hours downtime and very minimal discomfort.

Our Expertise

At Story we have a range of treatment solutions that can improve the appearance of the neck. Our doctors will carefully examine the area to determine whether loose skin, tight muscle, fat deposits or a combination of these factors is the cause of your concern.

Loose skin can be tightened by a collagen-stimulating injectable product called Radiesse®. Thin, crepey skin can be hydrated and thickened with Profhilo. Tight muscle bands that pull on the neck causing loss of definition of the jawline can be relaxed. Excess fat deposits under the chin can be reduced with fat dissolving injections. An expert examination is of the utmost importance to achieve a good non-surgical result in the neck area.


Below are some of the frequently asked questions people ask regarding this treatment.
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This varies depending on which treatment we perform. Radiesse may cause a little swelling and fat dissolving injections may cause significant swelling. Your practitioner will advise you on the expected swelling and other side effect risks during your consultation.

Profhilo improves the skin surface quality. These treatments affect the layers under the skin – fat and muscle. We will be able to determine which option is best for you during your consultation.

Yes you can, although not on the same day. Please ask for advice before having additional treatment in the same area.

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