3 - 6
1 - 3 Days
From 250, Course of 3 for 650
Facial scarring
Fine lines
Lines on my neck / chest

Microneedling, also known as skin needling, uses a device that has many tiny spines which gently pierce the surface of the skin to cause micro-injuries. This triggers the skin to start the healing process by producing new collagen and elastin to help repair the ‘damage’. Over time the healing process rejuvenates and strengthens the skin. Blood flow increases resulting in a healthy glow and skin cell turnover becomes more effective, improving skin texture and decreasing pore size. New collagen and elastin tightens the skin, reducing fine lines and scars.

Our Expertise

To get the best results for each individual, we use effective microneedling pens that allow different needle depths within a single treatment. This is very important as skin thickness is variable. For example where the skin is thinner and more delicate such as close to the eyes, we use a shallow setting; but over acne scars on the cheeks, jawline and chin, we go deeper.

The treatment creates temporary microchannels in your skin meaning product penetration is at its most effective. Both during and after microneedling is an excellent time to apply active ingredients. Therefore we regularly combine microneedling with mesotherapy solutions, skin peels and hyaluronic acid masks, depending on the individual skin concern. After each treatment we provide you with complimentary soothing aftercare products specially selected by our doctors trained in cosmetic dermatology.

Microneedling at STORY is a comfortable procedure, we carefully numb the skin before treatment so that you feel only a ‘buzzing’ sensation. This treatment can be performed almost anywhere on the body but is most commonly used to improve skin quality and acne scars on the face, neck and chest.


Below are some of the frequently asked questions people ask regarding this treatment.
If you can’t find the answer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and one of our advisors can help.

The results will be most apparent 12 weeks after your treatment course. Creating and remodelling collagen fibres is a 12 week process.

Yes, we frequently combine microneedling with other treatments. It is excellent combined with mesotherapy or chemical peels as the microchannels created in the skin allow the active ingredients to deeply penetrate.

Both combined is usually the best option! We will need to examine your skin at consultation to work out which is best for you but generally speaking Microneedling is better for skin surface texture concerns and Mesotherapy is better for hydration and laxity.

Yes, acne scars are the same as any other scar. All scars are more easily reduced if they are new rather than old so we would advise having treatment sooner rather than later.

Unfortunately we don’t advise having microneedling if you have active inflamed acne lesions. If you have mild acne or congested skin you may be suitable for microneedling treatment – please come and see us for a consultation.

We advise leaving 1 month between treatments. This treatment increases skin cell turnover and the natural adult skin cell cycle is approximately once every 30 days.

These treatments do compliment each other in terms of results but they can’t be performed on the same day. We advise that the treatments are performed at least 2 weeks apart.

Microneedling alone is not the best treatment for pigmentation. We advise prescribed home product plans and chemical peels for pigmentation.

A pen is more effective at delivering uniform microchannels at exactly the same depth and angle and it is generally considered more comfortable than roller treatments. Our pen device (SkinPen) also allows us to change the depth as many times as required during a single treatment; you cannot change the needle depth on a roller. However, rollers are very good for treating larger areas such as those required for  body treatments – if appropriate we can use a roller for your treatment.

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