Liquid Facelift

1 - 4
0 - 1 Days
From 1150
12+ Months
Downturned mouth
Jawline definition
Looking younger or healthier
Nose to mouth lines
Sagging skin / jowls
STORY Signature Treatment

The Liquid Facelift is one of our signature treatments and one that we are particularly well known for.

By having a deep understanding of how each facial layer (skin, fat, muscle and bone) changes in shape and positioning as you age, we can use a range of sophisticated fillers to restore its youthful shape and positioning. This allows us to strategically support sagging structures and replace volume in areas of ‘deflation’. By taking this approach we can create a significant but completely natural-looking result that impacts the appearance of the whole face.

The Liquid Facelift (previously known as the 8-point lift) can be performed in a single treatment or can be split into two to four sessions. There is no down-time required and results typically last a year or longer.

Our Expertise

The STORY Liquid Facelift is completely bespoke; tailored according to your age, gender, ethnicity, facial features and appearance concerns.

The amount of filler and number of treatments required to get the best results will vary considerably from person to person. Your STORY doctor will personalise the treatments included in your Liquid Facelift to address your specific concerns and produce the most natural-looking results. From a ‘mini-lift’ which can be used as prevention and to combat the early signs of sagging, to an extensive restorative facial rejuvenation programme for those with severe volume loss, folds and jowls.

Our Liquid Facelift follows a ‘top-down’ approach and our practitioners will assess your full face in detail. The areas of the face that derive the most significant aesthetic results from a Liquid Facelift are:

  • Eyes: wider, lifted brows, reduced shadows and hollows
  • Cheeks: lifted, contoured, lines and folds reduced
  • Jawline: Jowls significantly reduced, slimmer lower face, defined jawline
  • Mouth: Mouth corner folds reduced, mouth less downturn


Overall this treatment is designed to use ‘tweaks’ in multiple facial areas to give a significant refresh that keeps you looking like you.


Below are some of the frequently asked questions people ask regarding this treatment.
If you can’t find the answer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and one of our advisors can help.

Not at all, you can have this treatment at any age over 35. However if you are aged over 60 you are likely to require more treatment and the degree of lifting may be less than that achieved for younger clients.

No, one of the advantages of the Liquid Facelift is that there is very little downtime compared to the surgical alternative. You will likely have some mild swelling and tenderness for a few days and may have a minimal amount of bruising that is easily covered by makeup.

You will need to have enough treatment to see results  – this could all be done in one longer treatment session or in two or more shorter sessions. Whether you decide to split the treatment over more than one session will be influenced by how comfortable you find the treatment and how gradually or quickly you would like the results to appear.

You can have a Liquid Facelift as often as is required – usually a top up once a year keeps the results looking their best.

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