Lip Flip

2 - 4 Months
Gum show when I smile
Thin lips

Lip filler can achieve beautiful results when performed with expertise but for some people, a lip flip may be a better treatment. The Lip flip treatment uses tiny amounts of a muscle relaxing agent (the same as anti-wrinkle injections) to stop the lips from curling in and under, particularly when smiling. This makes the lips look fuller with a very subtle ‘pout’ without adding any filler or changing your natural lip shape. 

This treatment works best for people who find that when their mouth is relaxed they have top lip fullness but when they smile their lip ‘disappears’. It also works well as a conservative and no downtime alternative to lip filler. 

Our Expertise

Our injectable treatments are always bespoke – for best results, we may recommend combining lip filler with a lip flip treatment or with other injectable treatments around the mouth area. During your consultation, we will examine your lips and smile to determine the best option for your needs. 


Below are some of the frequently asked questions people ask regarding this treatment.
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Yes you can combine them and for some people this is the only way to get best results. We will let you know whether this is applicable to you in your consultation.

Yes, a lip flip treatment lasts on average 2-4 months whereas lip filler will last on average 9-12 months.

The safety of a treatment is determined largely by how it is performed – it is possible to perform both a lip flip and lip filler in either a safe or a not so safe way. Having said that the lip flip has a reduced chance of common side effects (e.g swelling, bruising) compared to filler.

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