Jawline Slimming

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Jawline definition

This injectable treatment slims the face by reducing the size of the jaw clenching muscles, known as the massetters. Botox® is widely used as an anti-wrinkle treatment that works by reducing muscle strength in the upper face, which in turn reduces the pulling action on the skin. Jawline slimming works in a similar way by reducing the muscle strength, and therefore size, in the jaw area. The result of this is softening of a square-shaped face and slimming of the lower face. A side effect of this treatment is a reduction in jaw clenching and so those with teeth clenching and grinding issues will find that this also improves following treatment.

Our Expertise

This treatment will only slim the lower face effectively if your jaw muscles are enlarged. Therefore, we will carefully examine your face and assess the muscle bulk before deciding whether this particular treatment is right for you. If you do not have large jaw muscles and your wide jaw or square face shape is caused by bone or fat positioning, we can recommend a filler treatment to create a slimmer face shape.

This treatment is extremely quick and comfortable with no down time at all, and we recommend that you maintain results by having it two or three times a year.


Below are some of the frequently asked questions people ask regarding this treatment.
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No, this treatment does not affect normal eating.

This treatment will not freeze the muscles, it will reduce the size and strength of them.

For many people results last 6 months or more. Those who have particularly strong jaw muscles, teeth clenching, grinding or gum chewing habits will find that the treatment wears off more quickly during their first year of treatment. If the treatment is performed at regular intervals and these habits are broken then longer lasting results are subsequently achieved.

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