Gummy Smile Reduction

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Gum show when I smile

A beautiful smile can light up a face, and being happy with your smile can make a real difference to how you feel. If you are concerned that your gums and/or lower teeth are over-exposed when you smile then a cosmetic injectable smile treatment could make all the difference.

Our Expertise

The traditional ‘gummy smile’ treatment uses wrinkle reduction injections to weaken the muscles that pull the upper lip above the gum line when you smile. The procedure involves four tiny injections that produce a result over the following 2 weeks that then lasts for 3-6 months. This treatment can also be used to subtly balance a smile that has an uneven appearance.

At Story we also use filler treatment to balance smiles and reduce gum show. This is a highly specialist procedure that works by changing the tension in certain ‘smile’ muscles (myomodulation) to proportionally weaken the ones causing excessive teeth or gum show. The advantage of a filler gummy smile reduction is that the treatment results can last a year or longer. For the best non-surgical smile makeover results we often combine this treatment with filler.

Our doctors will examine your facial muscles, your teeth and your smile in order to work out the best treatment option for you.


Below are some of the frequently asked questions people ask regarding this treatment.
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This treatment won’t affect your dental work however in order for us to assess what the final end result will look like it is best to have this treatment after your dental work is complete.

This treatment is different to veneers or crowns. It does not change the appearance of your teeth, only your upper lip fullness and positioning when you smile so it is not an alternative to those dental treatments.

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