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The chin and jawline can be reshaped using a range of injectable treatments. Whether you are looking for more jawline definition to balance the profile appearance of a receding chin, or to create an attractive V-shaped face – chin filler and jawline filler can be used to create instant and long lasting results.

A very common concern around the jawline is the appearance of jowls which lead to loss of jawline definition. We believe that the best approach for this is to address the cause of the sagging by lifting the jowls with a liquid facelift.

Our Expertise

As with all of our treatments we have a bespoke approach to treating the chin and jawline. For women, the focus is often on creating definition without widening or enlarging the jaw, whereas for men, a wide, strong jawline is often desired. Jawline and chin augmentation can improve or disguise the appearance of a double chin and create the appearance of an overall slimmer face.

Our doctors examine the whole face to work out the cause of the particular aspect of your facial shape that you would like to address. We then select the best product for your treatment; we use Juvederm® Volux filler – a high-quality moldable filler designed specifically for the jawline and chin for the majority of these treatments. If you have a high degree of skin laxity we may use Radiesse®, a unique product which tightens the skin by causing new collagen formation as well as reshaping the lower face.


Below are some of the frequently asked questions people ask regarding this treatment.
If you can’t find the answer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and one of our advisors can help.

The filler should last between 1 and 2 years. To keep the result at its best you may want to top up your treatment at 9 – 12 months.

It is common to have swelling after this treatment, usually it is minor and no one but you would notice it. However, the swelling may cause a tight and slightly tender feeling in the area for up to 5 days.

It can do if that is the desired and intended aesthetic result. If that is not the intended result then that can be discussed at your consultation – the filler can be placed in different ways according to the outcome required. In women, chin and jawline filler can actually make the lower face appear slimmer.

This depends on the cause of the asymmetry and how significant it is. Minor asymmetries can be balanced by filler but jawline filler is not an alternative to jaw alignment surgery.

Usually the numbness from the anaesthetic within the filler is very mild and only lasts an hour or so afterwards. You will not have any difficulty eating or drinking after treatment.

This is a common concern that is very effectively treated with chin filler. We use a cannula to place a layer of filler in the line/dent or hollow.

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