Cheek Contouring

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Cheekbone definition
Cheek lifting

Injectable cheek filler treatments can be used to reshape or lift the cheeks and cheekbones. Whether you are looking for greater cheekbone definition, plumper cheeks, a slimmer face shape, or to lift sagging cheeks and jowls – STORY doctors can create instant and long lasting results. In fact, at STORY, cheek filler is one of our most popular and frequently performed treatments.

Our Expertise

At STORY we have a bespoke approach to treating the cheeks. The cheek filler technique we use can vary significantly depending on your age, facial shape and the result that you’re trying to achieve.

Our expertise means you can be confident that we will keep you looking natural. Over-full puffy cheeks when you smile (the dreaded ‘golf ball cheeks’) are simply a sign of a poorly performed treatment. It signals that the cheek filler has been placed at the incorrect depth. This is avoidable – STORY doctors place structural filler in strategic positions on your cheekbones to avoid any changes in your cheeks when they move whilst smiling.

A common ageing concern around the cheek area is the appearance of sunken upper cheeks, with heaviness and jowling in the lower cheeks. The best approach for this is to address the cause of the sagging by lifting the cheeks and jowls with a Liquid Facelift.

In the younger age category you may simply want to add definition to your cheekbones without adding any ‘fullness’ to the front of your cheeks. For this we use our Two-Point Cheek Contouring technique which uses a blunt tube (called a ‘cannula’) instead of needles and has only one single entry point per side. This means that this treatment has no down-time, no bruising and results in instant sculpted cheekbones.


Below are some of the frequently asked questions people ask regarding this treatment.
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This treatment can slim your face shape by lifting your cheeks and accentuating your cheekbones.

Yes, a combination of cheek filler and tear trough filler is the best way to reduce under eye shadows.

Yes, in women a strong jawline is aesthetically balanced by strong cheekbones.

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