Acne Treatment Programme

3 with free follow-up consultations
2-5 days
From 650
Acne/congested skin

The STORY Acne Treatment Programme is as unique as you are. Each plan is bespoke, created by our knowledgeable and experienced aestheticians to address your precise needs. This highly-targeted, individualised approach is how we achieve the best results for every person and every skin tone, every time.

It is best suited to those with acne, oily, combination, blemish prone or congested skin.

Whether your acne is mild or moderate, STORY skin professionals will design a programme to help reduce active acne, any associated skin redness or other related concerns. This can involve a range of different elements, depending on what will be most effective at clearing your acne.

Following an in-depth initial consultation, your Acne Treatment Programme will be formulated using a combination of home-use skincare products and in-clinic skin treatments.

Downtime following each of the treatments included in your programme is between 2-5 days, depending on the option. You will be able to see some results straight after your in-clinic skin treatments and from using your personalised acne skincare routine too. This will all be discussed with you in advance so you can plan your treatment appointments accordingly.

Our Acne Treatment Programme involves a holistic approach where in-clinic skin treatment results are enhanced and maintained by an at-home acne skincare routine. The symbiotic action of each element is a powerful ally in achieving your clear skin goals.

Results from these acne treatments should start to become noticeable within 3 to 6 months of starting your personal plan. Upkeep of these results requires on-going skincare maintenance. For those with more intense acne, occasional future skin treatments may be of benefit and these can be booked as required.

At STORY we treat most acne cases, however, if your acne is severe and associated with a medical health condition we may recommend or refer you to an alternative specialist. If you are unsure as to whether we can help you, call us or book a free consultation. Our STORY skin experts will be happy to discuss your concerns and advise as to your suitability.


Below are some of the frequently asked questions people ask regarding this treatment.
If you can’t find the answer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and one of our advisors can help.

Yes. Each STORY Acne Treatment Programme is created based on the needs of each individual person, making it suitable and effective for all skin tones from extremely pale through to Black skin.

Acne scarring requires a different treatment approach to the acne itself. We have alternative options for this including microneedling and laser treatments. The type and age of scarring you have will determine which treatment we recommend for you.

At STORY we only treat clients aged over 18.

Yes, it can do. If you are already on medication and still have ongoing skin concerns, please come to us for a consultation.

We will let you know which products to stop or start during your consultation.

Unfortunately we can’t perform treatments during pregnancy.

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