The STORY Guarantee

Ask about our STORY guarantee. From your consultation to your aftercare.

 We are committed to providing excellent quality injectable treatments in the safest possible way. To demonstrate this commitment we give you our STORY guarantee.

We guarantee that:


We will achieve the best possible Aesthetic Results for you

Everyone responds differently to injectable treatments and very occasionally results need ‘tweaking’ so we include this in our service for you.1

  • If between 14 and 28 days after wrinkle reduction treatment you have an incomplete result, as agreed with the practitioner, Story will provide you with the additional treatment required to achieve your optimum result without further charge. 
  • If between 14 and 28 days after filler treatment you have an incomplete or undesired result, as agreed with the practitioner, and you have received the recommended amount of filler to treat that facial area, Story will amend or remove the treatment results without further charge. 
  1. The decision to treat is always dependent on the practitioner who must agree that it is safe and appropriate within the context of your medical and psychological health. 

Our practitioners have the highest standard of training

Every injectable, wrinkle reduction injections and filler treatment, is performed by a professionally regulated medical practitioner who has a Level 7, or equivalent post-graduate qualification, in Aesthetic Medicine. We are the only clinic that can guarantee this.

We only use high-quality products

Our chosen filler brands all have FDA-approved products and our wrinkle treatments are performed using the world-leading brand of wrinkle reduction treatment, unless otherwise requested by you.

We have full transparency with you

We can provide you with detailed product information, including the volumes and dosages used, and a copy of your treatment notes at any time if you request it.

We are accessible in an urgent situation

After your appointment, you will be provided with access to the Story hotline so that in the unlikely event of a serious side effect, allergy or treatment complication occurring outside of our opening hours, you will be able to call our 24/7 hotline to speak to a STORY medical practitioner within 12 hours.

Only Level 7 qualified doctors perform injectable treatments at STORY

What is a Level 7?

A Level 7 is a postgraduate masters-level qualification in aesthetic medicine and it is the highest level of training available to practitioners who specialise in cosmetic injectable treatments. The Level 7 was created by our partner company Harley Academy – the UK’s number one cosmetic medical school. The lead medical practitioners at Story are all experienced trainers who work with Harley Academy to teach doctors, dentists and nurses how to safely perform advanced injectable treatments.

What does Professionally regulated mean?

Professionally regulated means that the practitioner is registered with a regulatory body such as the General Medical Council. Medical regulatory bodies work in the interest of public health and safety and hold practitioners accountable to their practice. For example, they have the ability to ‘strike off’ a practitioner who has been deemed to be unsafe or unethical.