STORY Profile: Dr Tristan Mehta

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2 Dr TRISTAN MEHTA- STORY Marylebone London medical injector aesthetics specialist injectables Level 7 founder Harley Academy

Introducing Dr Tristan Mehta, STORY co-founder, top aesthetics doctor, and founder of Harley Academy.

Dr Tristan Mehta, MBBS BMedSci PgDip (AesMed), is a leading light in the UK aesthetics industry. He developed the gold standard qualification for medical aesthetics – the Level 7 – and founded the country’s largest aesthetic medicine training course provider, Harley Academy.

We managed to pin Dr Tristan down to find out what makes this advanced aesthetics ace tick when he’s not immersed in the world of full face filler treatments and improving safety standards across the industry…

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What excites you about working in aesthetics? 

Aesthetics is great because there is so much changing all the time. Not just the growth in the sector, but the innovations and treatments that become available every few months. There’s a real need to stay up to date to be able to offer our patients the best treatments.

I get excited by trying to solve big problems – like how to scale out proper accredited training, or how to create a workforce of injectors who can all deliver the same standard of excellence. For me, the best part of aesthetics is the enjoyable mix of creative freedom and professional satisfaction from giving our patients results that they are overjoyed with.

You are a well-known pioneer in UK aesthetics for improving standards and patient safety by developing the industry-leading Level 7 qualification. What do people need to know about why their injectors should be Level 7 qualified? What does it mean in practical terms?

Here’s what I really want people to know: The experience in clinic with an experienced, qualified medical injector is not at all comparable to someone who has just done the basics.

In terms of quality of experience, pain, complications risk and overall outcome, there is genuinely a huge difference. Particularly with filler treatments where outcomes can vary enormously. It’s more than keeping results looking natural, which should be a given. It’s about knowing exactly where to treat to get the best results, and which products to use, and in which order – specific for your individual face and age.

This can’t be learnt over a few days and many practitioners get stuck into a trap of treating lips and cheeks all day. Seeing a Level 7 qualified injector means they are not only being treated by someone who is objectively safe, but they will also be certain to get a better result and an overall better experience.

You have such good skin, please share your skincare routine with us!

For me, the essentials are:

  • High quality 1% retinol at night
  • Vitamin C serum in the morning
  • Factor 30+ SPF
  • Regular exfoliation (daily face wash with exfoliating acids)

These are the fundamentals of a good skincare routine, and what I advise every patient of mine to start with.

What’s your favourite film and why?

I think Interstellar is probably my favorite film. First of all, everything Christopher Nolan does is incredible. Interstellar has a wondrous sense of scale, and plays with time and relationships in a sophisticated and emotional way. I also think Jessica Chastain has some of the best facial aesthetics in Hollywood!

If you weren’t in aesthetics, what would you do for a living?

My biggest passion outside of work is music. I played a few instruments growing up and, more recently, enjoy learning and playing the piano and writing songs. Nothing quite engages me like music, and I think if given a chance I’d be dedicating much more time to it!

What would your Netflix or Spotify playlists tell us about you?

That I’m holding onto some dark teenage angst.

If you’d like to see Dr Tristan, book your consultation at STORY Marylebone now. He does get booked up quite far in advance but we keep a waiting list for appointments with him which we’d be happy to add you to if your preferred time is currently unavailable.

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