STORY Profile: Dr Harriet Jenkins

Introducing Dr Harriet Jenkins, MBBS, BSc Psychology, AKC, Level 7 Aesthetic Medicine. Dr Harriet has joined the team at STORY Marylebone where she is focused on providing safe injectables with natural-looking results.

She is also the clinical lead at Harley Academy, the UK’s largest medical aesthetics training provider. There she trains doctors, dentists and nurses how to perform safe and effective injectable treatments.

A West Londoner and a water lover, we wanted to find out more so read on for our interview with the latest STORY team member…

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Meet STORY Marylebone’s Dr Harriet

Tell us about your role at STORY in five words or less. 

Aesthetic doctor performing injectable treatments.

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What brought you to STORY? 

I studied my Level 7 in aesthetics at Harley Academy and was trained by Dr Tristan and Dr Emily – two of the STORY co-founders – as well as Dr Kalpna, the Harley Academy head of education and STORY doctor. So to work alongside them at STORY is such a fantastic opportunity and one I am very excited for.

The Level 7 qualification is the equivalent of obtaining a Master’s degree in aesthetic medicine – specifically studying anti-wrinkle injections and all types of soft tissue fillers. It involves a number of years of study, including anatomy, injection technique, product selection, how to prevent and manage complications, and create natural-looking results that work in harmony with your patient’s features. 

All STORY doctors hold a Level 7 qualification and anyone looking for a safe, highly trained injector should make sure theirs does too.

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Which is your favourite treatment to perform and why?

Rejuvenating treatments which work to rebalance and redefine facial features and structures, particularly in the bottom part of the face. Over time this area can start to lose its definition and look heavy.

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What got you into medical aesthetics?

I got into medical aesthetics when I was looking for more flexibility and creativity from my job. I discovered aesthetics which balances my love for hands-on clinical procedures with an artistic element. It also encompasses caring for my patients to make sure they both feel and look their best.

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Which area of medicine did you practice in before switching to aesthetics, and how did you find it? 

Before switching to aesthetics I was working as an anaesthetist in the NHS. I loved aspects of the job, but I also found it could be very demanding, inflexible, and uncompromising on other aspects of my life. 

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Please share common concerns people often have before having injectables for the first time

The most common concerns are definitely “Will it hurt?”, “Will I look over-filled?” and “Will it look natural?”. This is all discussed at length during each consultation where I can reassure people that these treatments really aren’t that painful, I’m not going to do any treatments that would result in them looking over-filled, and the results will definitely look natural.

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What’s your ideal day off? 

Being by the sea. Hot or cold, tropical or freezing, I really don’t mind. I just love being by the water.

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You get to take over the clinic stereo for the day, what are you playing?

Classic FM, it’s my go-to when I need a productive day. 

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What are the three most important things we can do to look after our skin?

Firstly protect and future-proof your skin by starting with an SPF daily. 

Secondly, simplify. So many patients I meet are cocktailing lots of different products which often results in the effects being too harsh and damaging to the skin. 

Thirdly, if you have a specific skin concern speak to an expert. Skincare can be overwhelming to navigate on your own. 

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If you weren’t in medical aesthetics, or medicine, what would you do for a living?

I’d most likely be working in research within the field of clinical psychology which is what I was doing before starting medicine. Or I’d be a florist! I love flowers and using that creative side of my brain.

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What is your ethos when it comes to ageing, Dr Harriet?

It’s a privilege. I feel grateful for every passing year!

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What do you think about societal pressure to stay young looking – is it sustainable? Should we really still put so much value in looking young? 

No! I fully support embracing getting older. Society has traditionally put so much stock in youth, particularly for females, and I’m keen to pull away from this. I’ve never liked the term ‘anti-ageing’ and see myself as fully ‘pro-ageing’. However, getting older definitely doesn’t preclude you from aesthetic treatments. I see my job as supporting patients through their ageing journey to rejuvenate the skin and facial structures so patients can look their best at any age through natural-looking, bespoke injectables

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What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Helping those who are nervous to relax and guiding them through treatments. From my anaesthetist days I’m very used to seeing nervous patients and my role is always to support and look after you.

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