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Dr Emily MacGregor - STORY Marylebone London medical injector aesthetics specialist injector

Introducing Dr Emily Mehta (née MacGregor), STORY co-founder, aesthetics doctor, teacher and Medical Director at STORY Marylebone.

Dr Emily Mehta, MBBS, BSc Psych, L7 Injectables, was born in West Sussex and now lives in London where she is fully immersed in the world of injectables, being both a practitioner and a teacher who trains other medical professionals in aesthetic medicine.

We asked Dr Emily a few questions to help you to get to know her better as both a person, practitioner and painter…

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What brought you to STORY? 

I am a co-founder, along with my husband, Tristan, and his brother, Marcus. I initially worked in A&E and in intensive care. I found it medically interesting but extremely physically demanding and often devastatingly sad. I wanted to do something creative and to own my own business. I also hated working night shifts. 

I love that, at STORY, I have the time to form meaningful relationships with my clients and to truly get to know them. I also really enjoy performing the procedures – even in A&E I always loved using needles!

You train doctors, nurses and other medical professionals in injectables, too – tell us about that.

As well as STORY, I’m also Medical Director at Harley Academy where my main role now is to train the trainers. I also teach trainees advanced procedures such as tear trough treatments. Being a trainer is very satisfying and teaching has always been a passion of mine.

Which is your favourite treatment to perform?

The Liquid Face Lift is my favourite and I also specialise in tear trough fillers which rejuvenate the under eyes.

What is the most popular treatment at STORY right now?

Cheek contouring – cheek filler for lifting jowls.

You have incredible skin, please share your skincare routine with us!

I have rosacea and my skincare is carefully chosen to keep it under control. I cleanse with a PHA cleanser (Neostrata Restore) I then use a rosacea serum (Neostrata Redness Neutralising Serum) and then apply SPF in the morning (Alumier Sheer Hydration) and moisturizer in the evening (Obagi Hydrate Luxe). 

What are the 3 most important things a person can do to look after their skin?

Wear SPF 30+ daily, don’t smoke and use good quality antioxidant skincare.

You get to take over the clinic stereo for the day, what are you playing?

Jazz or Reggae. I think I would like to try injecting to reggae….

How would you describe your approach to aesthetics?

My approach is about the WHY. I like to dig down to the reason why someone is coming to see me because ultimately my job is to make them feel better as much as look better. By exploring how they feel about themselves and their appearance it helps me to work out which – if any – treatment will be good for them. 

Profile 1 Dr Emily MacGregor - STORY Marylebone medical injector aesthetics specialist injector

What do you do to relax?

Spend time with my cat, do some yoga and occasionally treat myself to a massage. My ideal day off is either a spa day or a shopping trip depending on how much energy I have.

Can you cook? 

Not well, and Tristan loves to cook so I rarely do! I couldn’t live without Deliveroo (or Uber!) and my go-to takeout is a vegan burger from Mildreds. My last meal would be a vegan burger, peanut butter ice cream and an Old Fashioned cocktail. 

The Gate, an amazing vegan restaurant, is another favourite and we have some fantastic local options near STORY Marylebone.

Boxcar Café is on our road and has great pistachio cake. Marylebone High Street is a couple of minutes walk away and is a wonderful place to shop and eat. Aubaine has the best brunch. 

What are you really good at outside of your aesthetics work?

I can paint pretty well, I use oils and paint landscapes. 

You designed the interiors for STORY Marylebone during lockdown – how was that?

I love interiors and I love shopping so it was a total joy to fit out the London STORY clinic. I wanted the space to be modern but not clinical and elegant but not too ‘glam’. I used a mix of Scandinavian style with velvet and gold accents. It was lockdown and so everything was bought online. The advantage is that this saved me time so I was able to use lots of different suppliers so that I could find exactly what I wanted for every piece. 

If you weren’t in medical aesthetics, or medicine, what would you do for a living?

I’d work in psychology or as an interior designer. 

Business owner, full time aesthetics practitioner and trainer, serial entrepreneur and cat mum – How do you manage spinning so many plates?

With difficulty! It is a constant challenge and I have to be very disciplined with how I use my time. I’ve been meditating daily (or almost daily!) since I was in my teens and it is my main tool for stress management. My work is very people orientated and high energy and so I find balance by having a pretty quiet home life. As an introvert I love having a day to myself with just a book and my cat for company. 

What do you think about societal pressure to stay young looking – is it sustainable? Should we really still put so much value in looking young? 

You could argue that to a degree it is inevitable because unfortunately biology is against women here – youth is considered more sexually attractive (its not the same for men who are often considered more attractive as they get older, up to a certain point!).  This perception is related to fertility which reduces in women at a much younger age than in men. Biology aside though, we should absolutely stop over-valuing youth! We are now living longer lives than ever before and so our 40s and 50s should be seen as our prime years. 

What is your ethos when it comes to ageing?

It’s inevitable, don’t fight it! Focus your style, beauty and aesthetic treatments on looking healthier and happier rather than younger. 

I meet so many women in their 60s, 70s and even 80s that exude style, confidence and charm and are living even fuller lives than I am. It’s given me a much more positive attitude towards ageing than I had before I worked in aesthetics. 

What’s the secret to getting natural looking results from injectables?

Have a good injector! A good aesthetic doctor will never give unnatural looking results. It is perfectly possible for results to look natural every single time – you just need the right treatment choice, the right product choice, the right amount given in the right area at the right depth. 

What do you think about following aesthetics trends?

Dont. Just don’t. You don’t want a face that has just gone out of fashion. 

If you’d like to see Dr Emily, book your consultation at STORY Marylebone now – she does get booked up in advance so the sooner the better, but we do have a wait list for her cancellation appointments.

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