Set Your Skin Goals for the Year Ahead

STORY co-founder, Dr Tristan Mehta talks to us about setting your skin goals for the year ahead. Including reviewing your skincare routine, the products to consider at this time of year, and how we can help you get organised by creating a treatment calendar. Achieve your skin goals and never forget to book your appointments again!

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Setting your skin goals

Whilst I primarily focus on injectables at STORY, January is a good time to think about skincare. I start my own skincare programme in January; I think about what I want to be doing and how I want to be using certain products for the year.

Winter is often a good time to introduce a retinol product but we can also think about how to combine vitamin C (our lead aesthetician, Maja Swierczynska, has a fantastic recommendation for this in the video below), alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), moisturiser, sun protection (even in winter) along with in-clinic treatments such as microneedling and skin peels

January is quite a reflective time when we can start to think about how to better look after our skin. Continues below…

Scheduling injectables

Also in January, many of my clients like to start planning their injectable treatments. For example, if you have a toxin appointment in January, we know that the next appointment will be in 4 to 6 months. Similarly, we can also diarise any dermal filler treatments based on how long the results last given the area(s) being treated.

This allows us to create an injectables treatment calendar for your year ahead, helping you to get organised and removing the pressure of remembering to book your next appointment each time.

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Creating a treatment calendar

So now we’re over the initial chaos of early January, let’s focus on taking stock and deciding on your skin goals. Think about what you want to do for your skin and/or your aesthetic, then book in for a free consultation

Following this in-depth discussion and skin assessment, we’ll make personalised recommendations in any of the relevant areas.

…  Products to improve your skincare routine at home.

…  Skin treatments to help you achieve your goals.

…  Injectables, if appropriate, to improve aspects from skin hydration to fine lines and wrinkles.

Once we’ve taken you through your best options and agreed upon an approach together, we’ll create a bespoke treatment plan tailored to your specific concerns

You can then have this booked as one-off appointments to see how you find it. Or, if you’d prefer to get everything in the diary so you don’t have to worry about the logistics, just let us know. We can then schedule a course of treatments so you can pop them into your calendar and start working towards your skin goals without a second thought.

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