Getting Lip Fillers Before Your Wedding

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Dr Emily MacGregor, medical aesthetics specialist at STORY clinic in Marylebone, London, answers your questions about having lip filler before your wedding.

Question: “When should I get lip fillers if my wedding is coming up?”

Treatment timeline

Bridal lip filler treatments should be performed at least 6 weeks before your wedding day but, ideally, longer in advance.

Given how long lip fillers last, you do have the option of having this treatment up to six months before your wedding. This would mean your results could see you through any hen dos or bachelorette parties, as well as your wedding and honeymoon.

The reason I advise having lip filler no less than 6 weeks before your wedding day is because you’re going to want to have a full consultation. This may or may not take place on the same day as your treatment. You’re going to want at least 3-4 weeks for the treatment to settle down. Then I would prefer it if you had a couple of weeks just to live with your new lip shape before your Big Day.

Lip filler results and aftercare

Natural-looking lip filler results can last anywhere from 8 to 12 months and the timing varies from person to person. This means your new look should easily see you safely and beautifully through your wedding and honeymoon – meaning you’ll have no qualms about puckering up for those all-important wedding photos…

When it comes to aftercare, all the information will be discussed with and made available to you during your consultation appointment. There are a few of precautions to be aware of, however.

  • Your final lip results will be apparent 2 weeks after treatment. During the first two weeks there may be some swelling which can subtly alter the final shape. 
  • During the first few days after treatment we advise that you avoid alcohol as it increases your chance of bruising. Also don’t do strenuous exercise as this can increase swelling. You can do all of your usual activities besides these. 
  • We advise you not to fly abroad for the first few days after treatment. This is purely so that, in the extremely rare instance that you have a post treatment reaction, you are able to come and see us.  

Following these safety recommendations will allow you to enjoy both your trip abroad and your lip filler results. So, if you stick to our advice regarding the treatment timeline for your bridal lip filler appointments, you can jet off on honeymoon and your only concern should be remembering your passport!

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