Injectable Treatments for Smile Optimisation

Have you heard of Smile Optimisation? It essentially just means making the most of your smile. From adding natural volume to lips and relaxing wrinkles around the mouth or eyes to reducing the amount of gum that shows, this area offers a wide treatment scope.

Here Dr Kalpna Pindolia of STORY Marylebone explains the customised treatment options we offer to optimise your smile…

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Smile optimisation treatments

Lip filler

Lip augmentation using hyaluronic acid-based fillers is a great treatment for beautification. Our lip fillers can also be a wonderful restorative solution if you feel your lips have become thinner with age, which is very common.

Often clients are concerned about overfilled lips; this is not a look we offer at STORY. We believe in natural looking enhancements that make you feel good and look refreshed.

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Lip flip

This innovative treatment uses the same muscle-relaxing solution employed in anti-wrinkle treatments. The Lip Flip is an easy way to have more of your top lip show, especially if you find your top lip disappears when smiling. It offers a subtle fuller lips look without using lip filler by reducing tension in the lip, allowing more lip to show.  We can also combine a Lip Flip treatment with lip filler if you also wish to add more volume.

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Gummy smile reduction

By harnessing the power of wrinkle relaxers, this solution provides quick, effective results for gummy smiles. Also known as gingival display, these injectables – which are so fine they use something called an Invisible needle – reduce the amount of gum that shows when you smile. We can also use dermal fillers to treat this area and a personalised treatment plan will be agreed upon with you beforehand, based on your precise needs and goals.

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Lip wrinkle reduction (Smoker’s lines)

Lip wrinkles, also known as perioral lines or Smoker’s lines, are a classic sign of ageing. These are those fine lines that appear vertically around the lip over time – the ones that collect lipstick! To treat these effectively, we may suggest placing lip filler in the border. This can plump the creases out, giving a smoother appearance. Wrinkle reduction treatment is also a great option here for some people, whilst skinbooster options can also ably assist in managing lines above the lip. Courses of microneedling can be effective here too – it all depends on your unique situation and desired outcomes. Again, after a thorough consultation beforehand will clarify the best treatment approach for you. 

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Downturned mouth correction

Many people come to STORY to find a way to help them look less sad. This can be caused by the corners of the mouth drooping as a result of ageing. The resulting appearance of a downturned mouth can make people look sad even when they aren’t! Depending on the case, we can use dermal filler or wrinkle relaxers to successfully manage the ends of the lower lip making them appear more horizontal. This corrects the downturning for a happier look!

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Nose to mouth line treatment (nasolabial folds)

Mouth to chin line fillers (marionette lines)

Nose to mouth and mouth to chin lines are some of the first signs of ageing people think about when considering the smile zone. These fine lines and folds can be treated with anti-wrinkle injections or dermal fillers to smooth them out whilst optimising your smile and retaining your true character.

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Crow’s feet reduction (creases or wrinkles around the eyes)

Crow’s feet wrinkles are also known as smile lines because they’re the happy little crinkles that appear at the corners of your eyes when you’re smiling. If you’re unhappy with these or feel they’re a little too deep for your liking, a simple filler treatment can reduce these in a single appointment.

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Optimising your smile with STORY

Whatever the treatment, we always advise you to have a thorough consultation first. We offer free injectables consultations at STORY because they are so important to getting the results you want.

In addition to a full facial assessment and discussion about your suitability for treatment, this also allows STORY doctors to get to know what you’re looking for from your results.

Every injectable treatment, especially where we’re using dermal filler to restore or add volume to an area, must be considered in relation to your face as a whole. 

Furthermore, we adapt our approach depending on your gender, ethnicity, goals and budget. We can also take factors such as upkeep into consideration when recommending long-term smile optimisation plans.

Once we understand your concerns and expectations, we can tailor a bespoke treatment plan you are comfortable with. This approach ensures the most holistic outcome with elegant, natural results that meet your goals yet may be undetectable to anyone else. 

Maybe you’re born with it… maybe it’s your STORY… all anyone else needs to know is that you have a truly beautiful smile.

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