Hand Rejuvenation: Youthful Hands at Any Age

STORY co-founder, Dr Emily Mehta explains why hands are becoming the latest anti-ageing focus and takes us through the best hand rejuvenation treatments.

Hand Rejuvenation Treatments Profhilo Hand Fillers STORY clinics injectables London Nottingham

Our hands tend to get a rough deal when it comes to skincare and particularly skin treatments. If you think about your skincare routine for a second, and any skin treatments you have… How many of those target dehydration, fine lines and other signs of ageing specifically for your hands?

This neglect and exposure to the elements – from sun ageing to drying cold and wind – can mean our hands give away our age far quicker than our face does. Madonna is a commonly cited example of this. The media frequently reports on the attention she pays to keeping her face and body looking young whilst her hands tell a different story. 

For many our hands are often a bit of an afterthought, lucky to see a bit of hand cream after washing up, or a pair of gloves in the winter. But they do have real options that can make a significant, long-lasting difference, giving you more youthful hands with minimal effort…

anti-ageing hand treatments youthful hands profhilo hand filler STORY clinics London Nottingham

Hand rejuvenation treatments

There are a number of simple yet effective hand rejuvenation treatments that can ensure your age remains your business. These are all available as standalone options or can be added on to your regular facial treatments. You can also book your hand treatments for the same day as other injectables.

Hand fillers

Premium dermal fillers made from a juicy, calcium-based collagen stimulator can restore volume in ageing hands. Hand fillers are a great solution if the backs of your hands are showing signs of ageing such as wrinkles, lines or crevices. We use personalised doses of a premium filler called Radiesse which tightens skin to help with skin laxity – a common complaint in mature hands. Through a small series of quick injections hands are instantly smoothed, plumped and rejuvenated. They’re also numbed first for your complete comfort. Hand filler results tend to last for between 12 and 24 months.

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Profhilo for hands

The skin treatment of the moment, Profhilo delivers lush, long-lasting results for your hands as well as your face, neck and chest. The proprietary honey-like Profhilo solution hydrates and plumps skin to make dry, crepey hands appear more youthful and glowy. This is injected after appropriate numbing. The full treatment involves two separate sessions, four weeks apart to ensure the outcome’s longevity. Profhilo results tend to last up to six months.

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Treatment for age spots

Dark patches of pigmentation on the hands – generally known as age spots – can be troubling. There are, however, various options for tackling these pigmentation issues. STORY aestheticians offer a number of solutions including targeted skincare and laser treatments. Following a consultation, recommendations will be made and a bespoke treatment plan, tailored to your specific needs, agreed upon. 

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Whether you’re concerned that your hands are looking older than you are (or feel), you’re looking to take preventative measures, or you want to ensure your hands are ready for their close-up – these are popular pre-proposal or wedding treatments – hand rejuvenation can help. 

Book your free consultation with a STORY doctor today to find out which option is best suited to your needs and treat your hands to some TLC.

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