Getting Under Your Skin: STORY Skin Analysis Scan

At STORY we use an innovative Skin Analysis scan to get under your skin and find out exactly what it needs. This is a part of our “skin first” approach to helping people to look – and, most importantly – feel their best. We believe it’s so important that we offer this skin scan free of charge as part of an in-depth consultation.

Healthy, happy skin is the best foundation for any further treatments you may wish to consider, whether these are skin treatments or injectables. 

By assessing the different layers and qualities of your skin using a mix of touch and scans, our skin experts can tailor personalised skincare routines to address your concerns. Let’s explain how it works…

OBSERV Skin Analysis Consultation Skin Scan Free at STORY Marylebone

What is a Skin Analysis scan?

The STORY Skin Analysis is a painless process, similar to taking an eye test but much quicker. You simply face forward towards a device called the OBSERV, with your chin on the chin rest. This then uses UV technology to rapidly scan your face and produce six separate results in a matter of seconds…

Daylight skin appearance

True UV mode gives a scan that shows the overall health of your skin at a deeper level.

Simulated Wood’s Light mode shows your skin’s hydration levels.

Parallel Polarization scans show skin texture and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Cross-Polarization mode shows vascular and pigmentation issues below the skin’s surface.

Complexion Analysis reveals evenness of skin tone and highlights areas of pigmentation or irritation.

You can see examples of some of these scans below…

How can a Skin Analysis scan help me?

The OBSERV Skin Analysis scans highlight the areas that your skin is doing well in, as well as those where it needs a little assistance. It goes beyond what the eye can see and helps our skin experts to form a fully rounded picture of your needs. 

From anti-ageing and pigmentation to dehydration, once we identify your exact requirements, we can begin to target them effectively. 

This Skin Analysis essentially allows us to tailor the best possible personalised skincare routine and treatment plan to your unique set of concerns.

STORY Aesthetic Results - colourful bar

I’m scared of seeing the scans

This is very common! Whilst some people are apprehensive about seeing their face in such detail on the Skin Analysis scans, they generally find them really interesting when they actually see them. If, however, you’d prefer not to look, our skin expert can simply talk you through their findings.

OBSERV 520 Skin Analysis Consultation Skin Scan Free at STORY Marylebone

How much does the Skin Analysis scan cost?

The Skin Analysis consultation, including these scans, is free of charge. 

STORY Aesthetic Results - colourful bar

How do I book Skin Analysis scans?

The OBSERV skin scans are currently available at STORY Marylebone as part of our Skin Analysis consultation. You can book in with our skin expert Maja, by choosing the First Time Clients option on our appointment booking page.

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