Can Tear Trough Filler Make Me Look Less Tired?

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Dr Marcus Mehta, medical aesthetics specialist at STORY Southwell, answers your questions about tear trough filler and treating the under eye area to help you look less tired, especially on your wedding day…

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Question: “Will Tear Trough Filler Help Me Look Less Tired on My Wedding Day?”

Tear trough filler and other treatments for under eye concerns

Whether tear trough fillers will help you to look more awake and refreshed depends on the issue that is causing you to feel you look tired.

Feeling like you look tired no matter how much sleep you get can be the result of various under eye concerns. Depending on what these are, different treatment approaches may be taken.

Tear trough filler can be an effective solution for hollowing. Essentially this is the opposite of eye bags, where the under eye area becomes sunken. Hyaluronic acid-based gel filler is carefully injected to restore youthful volume to these hollows, instantly rejuvenating this area.

Hollowed tear troughs can also be accompanied by dark circles. In this instance, a combination approach to treatment is generally recommended. This involves medical grade topical skincare, such as a retinol, to be applied daily in addition to tear trough filler.

If skin laxity – a looseness of the under eye skin, often paired with crepiness where the skin develops fine lines, creases and wrinkles – is an issue, medical grade skincare would also be a solid solution to start with. We would generally advise starting a recommended skin routine, which we can advise on, prior to any filler treatments.

Whether the issue is hollowing, dark circles, skin laxity, crepey skin or a combination of these problems, the visual effect is one of tiredness. Some people also feel it makes them look sad – definitely not something you want on your wedding day! Therefore, addressing these concerns can help you to look more refreshed, with results from injectables being instant and skincare results starting to become noticeable at around the four-week mark.

It’s just important to ensure you are using the right treatment, in the correct amount, for each concern. This is where STORY excels.

As Dr Marcus explains in the video above, an in-person, face-to-face consultation with your injector is essential. By properly assessing your eye structure, skin and face, including through touch, our doctors can assess the best course of action. They can then set out a treatment plan featuring the solutions most suitable for your specific concerns whilst respecting the natural beauty of your face.

Where brides – or grooms – are concerned, we recommend starting your treatment at least six weeks before your wedding but the longer in advance, the better. This way you have time to ensure your elegant, rejuvenated results are nicely settled and look almost undetectable. You should simply look like the best-rested version of yourself.

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Tear trough filler timeline and aftercare

The minimum lead-in time we advise for brides, or grooms, wanting to have tear trough treatments is six weeks before your wedding.

Appointments for tear trough injections take at least 45 minutes in order to ensure a thorough consultation. However, the actual treatment takes around 15 minutes to perform. We advise anyone planning on having this treatment for the first time to allow 1 hour for their initial appointment, which includes the consultation and – if suitable and ready to proceed – treatment.

There is no downtime with this procedure and at STORY we use a ‘no needle’ approach involving a cannula to minimise bruising.

Results from tear trough filler are immediate. They will further develop over the next two weeks and should last for 12 months or more.

In terms of aftercare, your doctor will advise you as to the precise dos and don’ts involved with your particular treatment. However, generally it is wise to keep hydrated and avoid alcohol, strenuous activity, extreme heat and ibuprofen for 24 hours to allow the filler to settle properly and minimise the risk of swelling.

We hope this helps you to understand the process of wrinkle reduction treatments a little better but if you have any queries at all, do just get in touch.

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