Brotox and Cosmetic Injectables for Men

BROTOX cosmetic injectables anti wrinkle treatments for men - STORY clinic Marylebone Southwell medical aesthetics experts

Dr Andrew Kane, medical aesthetics specialist at STORY in Southwell, Nottingham, answers your questions about anti-wrinkle treatments and cosmetic injectables for men.

Injectable treatments have been used for many years to both rejuvenate and optimise our appearance. In recent years aesthetic treatments have become more popular with men. We have subsequently seen a rise in the number of patients booking “Brotox” – wrinkle treatments for men – and other cosmetic injectables at STORY.

It seems there has been a recent boom in men seeking to optimise their looks. This is both in terms of looking younger and more refreshed, as well as to re-contour their face into a more traditionally masculine, “attractive” shape. These objectives can be achieved with injectable non-surgical treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections and fillers. 

Brotox aka anti-wrinkle treatments for men

Botulinum toxin injections for men – also known as anti-wrinkle treatments – can be used to relax the muscles around the forehead, frown and eyes. This helps give a less tired, less angry and more rejuvenated appearance. It softens the appearance of the lines and wrinkles that form horizontally along the forehead, vertically in between the brows and the crow’s feet which appear around the eyes. 

The procedure is simple and effective. The needles used for toxin are extremely thin, making the procedure relatively painless with minimal downtime. It takes approximately 15-30 minutes so is easy to fit into a busy schedule.

Brotox takes about 3-5 days to start kicking in and the results last for around 3-4 months. At this point you can choose to either let the area revert back to the way it was or get another treatment to optimise results. Repeated treatments can prevent any new wrinkle formation in the areas treated, as well as softening and improving existing lines. 

Men’s dermal filler options

Another popular aesthetic treatment option for men is dermal filler. This is a clear gel that’s injected into certain areas of the face. It can be used to make the face appear more youthful and refreshed. It can also allow men to alter their facial shape and/or features, to become more traditionally masculine or feminine, as desired. 

One area men often ask for filler in, is the under eye region known as the tear trough. Tear trough filler is suitable for men from their late 20s  and is used to replenish fat in the under eye area which diminishes as we age. 

Filler treatments here help to rejuvenate the under eye area, providing a less tired, more awake look. As before, the procedure is relatively quick and simple with minimal downtime, so can be fitted into a tight schedule. Tear trough filler results generally last around 12 months. You can then have further filler placement to optimise results, or let the area return to its previous state. 

Jawline filler is an extremely popular aesthetic treatment for men – as you may have seen in the many viral “before and after” images circulating on social media. Jawline filler can be used to create a traditionally masculine, more square jaw – following the shape which is often deemed more attractive for men. 

To create this type of jaw contouring, filler is injected in several areas along the chin and jawline. Results can be as subtle or dramatic as required yet – perhaps surprisingly – the downtime is minimal, allowing patients to return to work straight after. Jawline filler  results generally last between 12-18 months and re-treatment is, again, optional. 

Natural-looking results for a refreshed appearance

Both anti-wrinkle injections and fillers for men give natural-looking results. Our aesthetics doctors here at STORY carefully assess the face during consultation. This allows us to ensure any treatments offered will balance the face and provide a more rejuvenated, attractive result to the face as whole.

Keeping this balance and respecting each individual’s facial proportions means we can create harmonious, complementary results. Our aim is to help people look refreshed, with results so natural-looking that the treatments may be undetectable to others.   

If you are considering “brotox” or any other injectable treatment, the best place to start is with a consultation at either of our STORY locations. During your consultation a skilled aesthetics industry expert will discuss the full range of treatment options open to you, as well as carefully answering any questions you may have.

Most men don’t know the options available to them when it comes to injectables and skin treatments; our male patients are often surprised by the significant improvements they can have on their appearance and the minimal upkeep required.

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