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Bridal skin is the topic of the moment now Summer Wedding season is upon us. 

As many brides are opting for injectables as part of their wedding skin prep, we wanted to answer some of your most frequently asked bridal skin questions. And what better way to launch our new Stories section than with some timely advice on getting that perfect Big Day glow…

From timing it right with dermal fillers to scheduling Profhilo courses so the effects are at their peak for your wedding day. Here’s an overview of some of the top queries brides-to-be have about pre-wedding injectables. 

Below you’ll find a range of popular questions we’re asked at STORY clinics, and this series will be updated regularly. Bookmark this page so you can find us easily whenever you need to check your wedding skincare prep timeline. Alternatively, follow STORY on Instagram where we’ll post all the latest articles and news from our clinics.

Click through below for a more in-depth answer and further information on each topic. Or, if you’d like personalised advice on getting that fresh, bridal glow in time for your wedding, book your free consultation now

Our doctors can work with you and your timeline to make sure your skin is at its most radiant for your Big Day.

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How Long Before My Wedding Should I Get Lip Filler?

Q: I’m getting married in August and want to know how long before my wedding should I get lip filler? I haven’t had it done before and would just like a little volume added so my lips look more like they used to when I was in my 20s, again.

A: In order to get a beautiful, natural lip filler look that restores lost volume – one that subtly enhances your lips and may go undetected by your wedding guests (and, let’s be honest, potentially even your partner!) – you first need a consultation. We would advise you to have your lip filler consultation at least 4-6 weeks before your wedding. This will allow you time to properly consider the treatment and, should you decide to go ahead, have more than enough healing time for the filler to settle and for any slight bruising to heal.

Click below for Dr Emily’s full advice on the timeline involved for those considering lip augmentation before their Big Day.

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Can You Treat My Forehead Without My Face Looking Frozen?

Q: I’d like to treat my forehead wrinkles before I get married but it’s important to me that I look natural in my wedding photos, especially when I smile – I don’t want a frozen face! Can you treat my forehead without it looking frozen?

A: Absolutely. STORY doctors can target specific areas, such as the forehead, to reduce wrinkles whilst still retaining as much or as little movement as you would like movement in your upper face. The amount of movement you prefer is your personal choice and we will respect your decision. A discussion to help us determine the best anti-wrinkle treatments for you, will take place during your consultation and we will tailor our approach based on this. That way, you won’t end up with a ‘frozen face’ unless you want to!

Watch Dr Marcus explain how we treat forehead lines with anti-wrinkle treatments in the video above. Or, click below for his full video and more information on how to achieve natural-looking wrinkle reduction results that still allow you to smile radiantly for your wedding photos.

How Do I Get the Best Results from Profhilo in Time for My Wedding?

Q: When should I start Profhilo before my wedding to get glowing skin on the day?

A: The short answer is that, whether you are having Profhilo injections or needle-free Profhilo, you should start 3 months before your wedding. This is because it requires two separate sessions, 4-6 weeks apart, to really improve your skin and give you that rejuvenated glow on your big day.

Get Dr Emily’s full advice on the timeline involved and results from injectable Profhilo and no-needle Profhilo, or book your free consultation, now using the buttons below.

When Should I Have Anti-Wrinkle Treatments for the First Time Before My Wedding?

Q: I want to start anti-wrinkle treatments for the first time before I get married. Can you tell me when I should start these injections so I have good results in time for my wedding day?

A: When it comes to having wrinkle reduction treatments for the first time, we recommend you have your initial treatment at least six weeks before your wedding. That way, if you don’t like the effects or would like to retain more movement – or if you decide you would prefer less – we can tailor this for you at your next appointment so you achieve your desired result in time for your big day.

For Dr Emily’s in-depth advice on anti-wrinkle treatments and wrinkle reduction before an important event such as a wedding, or to book your free injectables consultation, use the buttons below.

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