Am I Too Old for Injectables?

A 70 year old wants to know if they are too old for injectables. STORY doctor and aesthetics expert, Dr Kalpna Pindolia explains the answer…


“I’m 70, am I too old for injectables?”

As leading cosmetic doctors, people regularly ask us “am I too old for injectables?”. Our most recent enquiry came from a 70 year old and the answer was no. However, there are certain considerations worth noting.

At 70 you are certainly not too old for aesthetic treatments, but it depends on your ideas, concerns and expectations. Additionally your “baseline” – how your face looks before any treatment – is fundamental when deciding which treatment may be of benefit. 

Generally, in your late 50s and 60s, a holistic approach to skincare – including injectables and skin treatments – becomes more important. This is to address age-related changes in all layers of the skin.

The older you are, the more likely a combined approach, that considers the face as a whole, rather than treating individual issues, will be required to manage all layers of ageing with natural-looking results.

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Information about injectables for the more mature 

Each person’s face and ageing process is unique to them. As a result, STORY doctors only ever recommend treatments on a personalised basis. 

There is no “one-size fits all” solution to facial ageing, especially if you are looking for elegant, natural results that allow you to retain your character.

The following information about injectables for more mature people provides a guide to what to expect. However, do bear in mind that this is general information.

Anti-wrinkle treatments may become less satisfactory in those aged 65 or over if their skin quality has markedly deteriorated. For instance, older people may find this becomes less effective at managing increasingly static lines.

Those who enjoy subtle tweakments may notice more dermal filler or anti-wrinkle treatment can be necessary with advancing age.

Should you be looking for more radical change, cosmetic surgery may be a better option in terms of meeting your goals and duration of results. 

More invasive treatments, such as cosmetic surgery, may also be more cost effective, depending on your baseline and goals.

Basic principles of injectable treatments will always apply regardless of your age; you should have your deep treatments first, such as cheekbone restoration or injectables for the chin/jowl area and the corners of the jaw. Then superficial, such as nose to mouth lines (nasolabial folds) or marionette lines.

Skin quality should be addressed throughout. This can be done using skincare and treatments such as chemical peels and skin boosters.

From their 60s onwards, people may have more medical conditions to consider; they can also bruise more easily and heal more slowly. This means timing of treatments, especially before a big event, are vital to allow sufficient healing time, just in case.

Lip filler tends to be less popular among more mature clients. Despite thin lips being a key sign of ageing – and one many people are unhappy about – the fear of looking fake prevails. Injectable treatment for thinning lips may indeed look out of place in some cases. For example, if the rest of the facial structure or skin needs support, or if the lips are overfilled so the lips look youthful and unnatural as opposed to gently revolumised.

Expectations and treatment requests are usually different from younger people seeking injectables. For instance, they tend to have specific individual areas of concern, eg. volume loss in their cheeks or persistent frown lines. Whereas, over 65s tend to be more concerned with holistic, subtle enhancements in a number of areas simultaneously. By treating multiple areas simultaneously, this refreshes the overall appearance and a comprehensive, age appropriate, rejuvenating result is achieved.

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Personalised advice on injectables for your facial ageing concerns

For personalised advice on your specific facial aesthetic and goals, we recommend booking a free consultation with a STORY doctor. We never pressure you into treatment and you are more than welcome to go away and think about our recommendations. You are free to take your time to decide what you’re most comfortable with, even if you decide injectables are not for you.

At STORY all our treatments, whether injectables or skin treatments, are tailored to the specific needs of each individual. At your in-depth free consultation appointment we discuss all the aspects outlined above. 

If you decide to go ahead, we then create a bespoke treatment plan based on what we have discussed. We agree this plan together and, whilst we are here to make your goals a reality, you are always in control.

Your face. Your identity. Our expertise. 

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